System Beauty LLC is a full-service warehouse, distribution, and fulfillment facility catering to the unique needs of the cosmetic industry.

The cosmetic industry continues to grow.  The current market environment welcomes the introduction of new niche brands with effective technology, unique ingredients, and exciting promise. No longer do the “Lauders” of the world run the show.  The increasingly savvy cosmetic consumer recognizes the advantages of independent companies that can often respond to their needs quicker than large, corporate organizations with red tape, bureaucratic business methodologies.  At the same time, these consumers have come to expect the quality and efficiency in service that the “beauty giants” have cultivated.  The challenge for an autonomous beauty brand is thus to provide its customers not only with the best product, but also with service that exceeds the expectations set by established standards.  With independence often come obstacles that dominate time and derail efforts to reach your ultimate goals.

System Beauty was designed as a solution to these challenges.  Our goal is to eliminate the stress, wasted time, and added expenditures that small to medium boutique/niche brands encounter when entering into and growing within the cosmetic market.

New brands, or those launching in the U.S. for the first time, can lack experience in the practices unique to the beauty world.  Even more important than what you know is who you know. The extensive cosmetic experience of System Beauty’s executive team is an invaluable asset that provides our partners with a detailed understanding of the specific and varied needs of each major retailer, industry terminology, and top-level knowledge of the business as a whole, as well as introductions to and guidance in relation to the appropriate decision-makers for your brand’s goals.

System Beauty ensures your product is where it should be, when it should be, and invoiced how it should be so that you can concentrate on channeling your time, talents, and energy on the tasks important to growth of the brand instead of packing boxes and worrying about logistics. 


Mary Catherine Johnson grew up in El Paso, Texas, the only daughter in a family of three children and three dogs.  Her mother was influential in the vision and mission of Estee Lauder brands worldwide and her grandfather, father, and brothers have been in the warehousing/logistics business for their entire lives.  Mary Catherine embarked on her career in cosmetics with an Executive Internship at Estee Lauder Corporation, moving on to Annick Goutal and then Guerlain.  She held positions with the company from Counter Manager to Regional Sales Manager, not only growing her territory sales exponentially, but also expanding her understanding of the tools needed to succeed in varying levels along the sales channel.

Mary Catherine followed her experience with one of the “beauty giants” and other traditional cosmetic lines with a position as National Sales Manager for Lantz-A-Lot, a brand management firm specializing in entering unknown brands into the cosmetic marketplace. This experience afforded her the opportunity to work closely with brand creators and owners, to understand their concerns, obstacles, and goals at the inception of their introduction into the market, and well into establishment.  She developed strategic directives in marketing, training, promotions, and sales efforts, further strengthening her conceptual versatility and knowledge of the cosmetic industry.

In 2001 Mary Catherine started the US subsidiary of Caudalie Paris skincare, at the time a successful brand in France, yet next to unknown in the U.S. market.  She formed a “dream team,” known in the industry as the crème de la crème of trainers, the most passionate sales people, and dedicated employees.  As President of Caudalie, Mary Catherine believed the top priority of the corporate office was to invest in and support the field sales team, yet was simultaneously faced with the costly and time-consuming job of running and managing warehouse employees, accounting, shipping, kitting, etc.  It is from this experience, and after creating and fine-tuning a successful in-house logistics operation, that Mary Catherine realized the need for a specialized distribution house for new brands. She found that very few existing fulfillment houses had even a basic understanding of the special needs associated with cosmetics.

Mary Catherine’s start in the corporate world of cosmetics, and later leadership of a rapidly-growing niche brand, has allowed her to develop strong relationships with retailers and the ability to read the ever-changing cosmetic landscape and evolving marketplace.  Today Mary Catherine bridges her warehousing know-how with two decades of experience in the cosmetic arena to provide blossoming brands with the guidance and support they need to thrive and meet their ultimate potential in the tumultuous cosmetic market.